Wednesday, October 19, 2011

September Trip to Southern California - Part 2

Our camp.

One of the many little foxes on Santa Cruz Island.

Our "pantry". Each campsite has one of these lockers used to store "camper's" food stuff so that the little foxes and other varmits cannot get into things.

Part of the 5 mile hike we took after we got our camp set up. This part of the trail leads down to the backside of the campground area.

This is on the beginning uphill stretch at the start of our hike. Little Sister :)

Looking back from where we started. Anywhere we hiked we had to start out by going "up", and up and up! I am SO glad that I got in shape for this trip.

Up on the flat. We stopped and Kimm said, "Shhh, listen. Do you hear that? Nothing..." It is hard to believe that there are folks in this world that have never gotten to experience such a wonderful thing. 


The above picture and the ones that follow are shots from our hike.

Looking back at "Scorpion Cove", the place where the skipper dropped us off.

To be continued.............

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