Sunday, October 16, 2011

September Trip to Southern California

I cannot believe that it has almost been a month since my trip to visit my little sister how time flies.

I know that many of my friends have been anxiously awaiting for me to post pictures. Since there are so many I will probably do this in two posts. 

A southern flower on my walk along the beach on the way to town while Kimm was at work.

Teryaki Salmon Salad - I craved this salad from the minute I knew I was headed to Kimm's. Anacapa Brewing Co. is one of my favorite restaurants in Ventura. Mixed greens, mandarin oranges, avacado, lightly fried wonton strips, salmon fillet that has been grilled with a light brushing of teryaki sauce, and an Asian vinigrette. My mouth is watering as I write this...I think that I am seriously going to have to give a hand at trying to duplicate this for home.

Kimm's  apartment building. She has the sweetest, most quaint place ever. When I walked into it I was taken back in time to my "Nana's" place. The kitchen had the same little cutout door under the sink, and the cabinets were high just like Nana's were. There was a washroom off the kitchen just like hers, and again in the bathroom there was a similar arch over the tub/shower that Nana had in hers. I could see why when Kimm found this place that she called me and begged me to pray that she'd be approved to get it. It felt like a long lost friend.

The skipper really does stop for whales and dolphins so that the passengers can watch these wonders of nature and take photographs. On the way back to the mainland he stopped for a humpback whale and her baby and we watched them for 15 was awesome.

Heading out of the harbor we passed this bouy with seals warming themselves.

Goodbye Mainland, see you in a few days.

 First glimpse of Santa Cruz Island of the Channel Island National Park.

Approaching the dock at Scorpian Cove. be continued.....

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  1. Looks like a beautiful time...and that salad makes my mouth water too!