Sunday, November 13, 2011

September Trip to Southern California - Part 4

So sorry, you all, for not posting sooner. I guess I may have left some of you hanging.

This next series of pictures are from our hiking trip across Santa Cruz Island to "Smuggler's Cove". 

This particular day was a really special day to me. It was just Kimm and I for the miles we hiked, both ways...I don't think we passed anyone on the way over, or on the way back. We did run into people when we got to our destinations, but the perfectly quiet time just two sisters together was special. We laughed and laughed, like we usually do when we are together, but we also had some beautiful, deep conversations....the kind that bind souls together.

First peek at Smuggler's Cove...I was SO excited!

Anacapa Island (one of the 5 islands that make up the Channel Islands) in the distance.

Parting was just SO beautiful.

Hiking "u-p" from Smuggler's Cove.

Bye, bye, Smuggler's Cove.

Looking back from where we'd been.

These past 3 pictures are of a mile + of a "killer" hill we had to hike....(these pictures don't even do it justice) it didn't seem that bad when we were going down...of course, isn't that how it usually is?

Almost back to Scorpian Cove.

I hope you got an idea of what a beautiful day this was. The other really neat thing is that during this hike, is that the "only" thing we could hear was the breeze, occasional birds, and each other laughing. I'll tell you it is "priceless" to not have the intrusiveness of life on the mainland.

Stay tuned for the conclusion of my September Trip to Southern California....